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SEC Annual Conference 2017

May 5 2017

Our 2017 Annual Conference "Facing the next five years" looked at the development of our consultancy practice at a time of unprecedented upheaval.

25 members and non-members gathered at Broadway House, London to reflect on the challenges of growing their business. Ian Wigston's keynote encouraged us to examine our hopes and fears and develop strategies to strengthen the hopes over the fears. SEC diretcors led workshops to explore practical implications of working as a consultant in challenging and uncertain times.

Member newsletter published termly

February 1 2017


December 4 2015

SEC is pleased to launch a new closed wiki area for accredited members. This provides both a resource and information bank and a tool for communication and sharing.

Resources cover such topics as assessment, OFSTED, leadership development, governance, coaching and international.

Accredited members are encouraged to add their own topics and content.

Accredited members only can access the site here.

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Successful year for new QA Service

September 14 2015

At the start of the academic year 2014/15, SEC introduced improved Quality Assurance Services. The Advisory Board and SEC Directors have now completed the first annual review of these services and would like to share the very positive outcomes.

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Excellence in Education Consultancy

April 24 2015

Over 30 members attended our Silver Jubilee Celebration Event at Broadway House, London on April 24 2015.

Professor Helen Gunter from Manchester University spoke about her research into changing trends in education consultancy. Her presentation slides can be viewed here.


September 1 2014

SEC members undertake work which requires them to adhere to the standards of a range of organisations and professional bodies. This service has now been refined to enable Accredited Members to proactively respond to the increased responsibilities and accountabilities expected of consultants by professional bodies and organisations. For example, this summer has seen ‘ASPECT’  issue new Standards for Educational Development and Improvement Professionals in England. SEC Quality Assurance Service enables users to request specific feedback on any aspect of their service, directly addressing the professional standards required not only by SEC, but also by any other professional body for whom they work. Click here for full details of SEC, membership and services.

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Louise Stoll's Presentation at 2014 AGM and Symposium

May 5 2014

Professor Louise Stoll gave members an outstanding presentation on Creating Capacity for Learning. Here Powerpoint can be viewed here.

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United in enquiry

November 11 2013

An effective learning ethos is one that expects and values change, but does the fear of Ofsted hamper innovation? Ann O’Hara makes the case for school improvement through collaboration and enquiry.

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SEC International Network Community

October 31 2013

In September 2013 we have 11 international SEC members living in Greece, Indian, Iran, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, Sweden, Trinidad and Tabago.

Their areas of expertise ranges from motivational/educational consultancy, capacity, research development and implementation, data collection and analysis, career guidance, guidance and counselling services, establishment and running of schools, recruitment of staff, selection of students, orientation of staff and students  and many more.

There are another twelve members work who internationally in America, the Middle East and India for example.  These two groups have been invited to form a network community to pool knowledge and share skills.  Other members are cordially invited to join the group.


For further information please contact Glenys Hart

New technologies for education consultants

October 18 2013

Glenys Hart offers this introductory guide.


Skype allows free video-conference calls across the internet. Consultants can use it to collaborate with clients to complete joint projects, research and exchange ideas.  It works best with small group meetings.


Webinars are seminars or training provided directly to a group of people over the internet. consultants can conduct do-it-yourself webinars with groups of people and reduce travel while reaching larger audiences.

BBC Webwise

Blogs -. the word stands for ’web log’ and they are effectively online diaries. These could be used for keeping track of progress on a project.  You are probably best off looking at one of the sites that offers free blogging.  A couple of the more popular are WordPress, LiveJournal and Blogger.


Create slideshows using digital photos which can be cropped or rotated. Special effects, soundtracks, and voice narration can be added plus titles and captions. Small file sizes make it easy to send photo stories in an e-mail or watch them on TV, a computer, or a Windows Mobile–based portable device. These can be used for marketing or training purposes.

Making Podcasts

Podcast can be used for providing instructions or explanations to a client.


The power of Twitter is incredible. It is amazingly easy to collaborate and share ideas with innovative people.


Prezi is a visually stunning presentation tool. If you are bored of PowerPoint you can create an account and discover a zooming, looping and creative method of presenting. You can easily insert text, diagrams, shapes, YouTube clips and images. Prezi, unlike PowerPoint, is non-linear in terms of how the presentation is created, you simply place your content onto the Prezi canvas and then decide the order later. It is also a fantastic collaborative  tool where up to 10 users can work on the same Prezi concurrently, lending itself superbly to group and project work. 

Lino It

Lino It is an online web sticky note service that can be used to post memos, to-do lists, ideas, and photos anywhere on an online web canvas. Again it is very easy to add images, YouTube clips, documents and images to the canvas.

Google Docs

Google Docs allows users to create online word processing, presentation and spreadsheet documents as a group, at the same time. It is another collaborative online tool. You can set up your documents online enabling colleagues to edit and update these anytime, anywhere.


Glogster is a 21st century on-line poster creator. The posters can be interactive, containing video, music, images and text which can be used as a marketing tool. 


Tagxedo turns words into visually appealing word clouds and shapes. It is an extremely simple but effective method of displaying key terminology for a subject in an attractive format which could be used as an advertising tools for your skills. 


Popplet is a mind-mapping tool that enables you to post text, images and YouTube clips onto a canvas in an organised and structured way. It is another web tool that allows multiple users to collaborate on the same canvas and is excellent for developing project ideas with your clients.



Livebinder is an extremely useful online tool that allows you to organise resources effectively. Webpages, documents, videos and images can be organise into a “binder” (which is basically a URL) and will appear as tabs. This is an excellent way of collating a range of relevant and varied content that you and your clients can access.

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